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Do you have to prove your honesty about a certain matter such as an argument with someone or a relationship issue /sexual allegation? These tests inevitably take much longer than other tests done but they are very involved and complex due to the nature and sensitivity involved. Examiners use the most accurate techniques to cover these issues. Speak to one of our examiners as to how we can help. Do not rely on what is read or researched on the internet about the process and procedure. Private tests may include:

Infidelity/Sexual related testing

These tests involved matters such as proving if someone else has been unfaithful in a relationship or to help prove to someone that you have not done such things and have been honest. Some couples agree to pre marriage test or ongoing testing to help maintain trust. We can cover any situation or test request as long as the answers are a yes/no and the matter can be covered in the technique we use.

Sexual / Domestic Abuse

If you have been accused of such allegations we can help determine the truth. Matters usually covered are alleged abuse or if a person wants a scientific report to back up other proof. These results may aid further investigations by the police or social services.

Honesty screening

The Polygraph can aid a company or individual in an investigation. If you need to prove to anyone regarding matters of theft or general trust then we can assist. Often a matter is left hanging on a he said / she said scenario. Sometimes family disputes can get heated and out of hand. Before this happens get down to the truth.

Private Testing