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Our examiners adhere to a strict code of ethics as central to the service we render. We respect the dignity of all persons and strive to be honest, fair, just and impartial at all times. We conduct our business in terms of the following principles:

  • To maintain the highest standards of moral, ethical, social and professional conduct and to be governed by laws of equity and justice in the performance of all functions.
  • To respect the inherent dignity of all mankind; to deal justly, fairly and impartially with each individual, irrespective of social, political, racial, ethic or religious considerations, economic status, or physical characteristics.
  • To conduct our professional duties and obligations with independence, dignity, and self-respect; to keep all decisions and reports free from any personal, financial, political, fraternal, social or other influences.
  • To refrain from false or misleading media or reporting.
  • To subscribe to the moral and ethical Standards and Principles of Practice of the professional organizations and associations we are members of. And strive to be a credit to the polygraph profession.
  • To support to the professional goals and support scientific research of the world body American Polygraph Association (APA) as well as the British Polygraph Society (BPS). We will do this through word and deed to elevate the status of the polygraph profession and promotion valid and ethical polygraph practices.