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These tests can be done on request of a company or individual.

The Polygraph can aid in an investigation to prove or disprove theft or criminal matters. This is turn can provide valuable information to the police or Human Resources if the actions of an employee break the trust relationship. If staff agree they can volunteer to do such testing in order to show an employer they have nothing to hide. Most often the test results of deceptive staff end up in confession and the return of stolen property / money.

If main suspects do not wish to do the test then a process of elimination can be done on other staff agreeing to the testing. At times staff may not be personally involved but have knowledge and may want a way to declare this to their employer in a confidential manner.

Private individuals can also do these tests if they need a polygraph result to prove or disprove a current investigation. Whether this be theft, slander, rumours, allegations etc. Contact our examiners so we can help you.

Investigative / Commercial Testing
Investigative / Commercial Testing