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A network of some of the nation's most internationally experienced and professional Forensic Investigators and Polygraph Examiners (Forensic Psychophysiologists).

The Polygraph examination is more commonly referred to in the UK as the Lie Detector. It is an instrument and procedure used to measure and record several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration (breathing) and skin conductivity while a person is asked and answers a series of questions in a scientifically accurate technique.

All our examiners were internationally trained and gained most of their extensive experience and qualifications abroad. This is a huge advantage as in other countries around the world the polygraph is a very commonly used aid in investigations. It is not uncommon that examiners overseas can do 3 - 5 polygraph tests a day due to the demand. Thus examiners easily amass test totals of 700 - 1000 tests a year. It has also been accepted overseas by the police and in labour and criminal courts. We have done thousands of every type of test thinkable! So we can assist you matter what the problem.

Collectively our team has over 80 years of combined experience. Each examiner not only has his/her polygraph training from an approved school vetted by the APA (American Polygraph Association), but also have University degrees and prior work experience in the field of either Criminology, Security Risk Management, Forensic Investigation, Private investigation and Psychology, Police as well as the Military. Our lead examiners have 20 years+ of polygraph experience which equates to over 18 000+ individual examinations / tests done.

Using us not only assures you that you have the most experienced and qualified examiner around but also that they are ethical and professional. We follow very strict international standards, ethics, protocols and codes of conduct.

All our results are based ONLY on scientific scoreable data of charts conducted in the examination itself. We also do strict quality control of charts. This includes things like checking scores using a 2nd opinion of another examiner and also using the latest available polygraph scoring software.

You can contact an examiner DIRECTLY now! No need to speak to an agent or admin person to find out the process of a polygraph examination or how it can help you. Although our team all know these facts and could assist, you can speak directly to someone who will tell you straight down the line if and how the polygraph will work for you. The process, costing, do bookings and answer any questions you might have. We are available to talk to you verbally on the phone or via messaging - 7 days a week!

We also offer of the best rates in the UK! We will not only match a written quoted rate but also beat it. We understand the economy and individuals are suffering during these tough times. In the past rates were between £500 - £600 test. No more. We also give cash backs! Existing clients get a cash bonus for successfully referring us to a new client.

Our ultimate aim is professional and accurate testing to determine the truth...and this truth will set you free!