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Do you want to stand out above anyone else? Do you want to be pro active and prove to an employer that you are honest, ethical and professional. Do you want to give yourself a head start advantage over other applicants to help secure your dream job? Then a pre employment examination is for you.

Or are you an employer want to screen applicants? Studies show that 78% of people lie in the hiring process. Are you confused as to who to pick and if you can trust the applicant for certain roles. A pre employment screening test will help you make a decision.

We conduct a thorough interview and use your CV or details to cover all basis of a possible future interview. We can cover a broad selection of questions to help show your honesty in your submitted CV. Usually these questions relate to previous theft or criminal involvement, CV accuracy, drug involvement, previous dismissals, general trust etc.

Our clients then add the final polygraph report with your CV when applying for a job as we act as a professional reference.

Pre-employment Screening